Preschool Twos and Threes
Our Preschool classes for two- and three-year-olds offer learning experiences that vary throughout the day. Group learning time introduces letter-of-the-week, numbers, shapes, and colors. These concepts are reinforced during one-on-one time with the teacher, and also taught through learning centers. Science is taught through exploration of the world around us, and includes learning about plants, animals, and weather. The children also enjoy time daily in our Music and Movement class and weekly in Media Center.


The Pre-Kindergarten day is filled with language arts, math concepts, art, learning centers, music, technology, and more! Our small class size allows for more personal instruction time than the larger Georgia Pre-K classes. The classroom teachers assess each student to ensure that their individual learning needs are met and that they progress at their own pace while meeting state pre-kindergarten standards.

Our school offers one of the few half-day kindergarten programs in Gwinnett.  While we do follow state of Georgia Performance Standards as well as Gwinnett County's Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) guidelines, many parents find that our schedule is preferable to the 7 hour day of public school kindergartens.


Because each child brings to the classroom his or her own unique set of skills and abilities, our program allows the teacher to individualize instruction as needed, offering challenges as well as remediation.


Our kindergarten class uses the Starfall Kindergarten curriculum as well as other nationally recognized programs in order to cover all academic areas necessary for successful transition to first grade. Subjects covered include lessons in Math, Science, Social Studies and Art.


The kindergarten year is concluded with a cap and gown ceremony to mark this milestone in your child's life and to celebrate their achievement!


STEM represents the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The inclusion of the Arts to the STEM core subjects is essential to encouraging creative and critical thinking skills for young children. STEAM activities support curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking.
All classes participate in age-appropriate STEM/STEAM activities within their regular classroom setting. 


Students visit the Media Center each week and enjoy activities such as computer based learning, special literacy events like Read Across America,  and for our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, the opportunity to check out themed "Book Bags" to take home.
We also host parents and grandparents as guest readers throughout the year.
Pre-K and Kindergarten students participate in Spanish class weekly. Learning  about special cultural celebrations, and vocabulary relevant to their life experiences, such as color words and family names, broadens their view of the world around them.
A year end Cinco do Mayo celebration includes special foods and awards for each student.


Planting and observing the growth in our garden is a sensory experience enjoyed by all of our students. This special area also allows learning about insects and seasonal changes throughout the year. We even grow and eat our very own strawberries in the spring!
Weekly chapel is an opportunity for children to learn about God and His great love for us. Bible stories, Memory verses, and songs help bring the Word to life in a fun and active way.
We want our students to learn that God made them, they are special and Jesus loves them!